Friday, May 05, 2006

FREE Broadband Speed Test -

Check your Broadband Speed with
Click Here for bandwidthplace speed test page
The speed may vary for different reasons. This test is configured for US residence. So the Indian results may not show original speed. But this will give some idea about speed.


Blogger Buzz Buzzard said...

Also SpeedTest.Net is made in Flash and is pretty cute, More accurate speed tests can be completed on MondoSpeed Worldwide Speed Test (

You can choose from a list of more than 40 high speed servers spread all around the world.

This server keeps in history all tests results ever.

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Blogger prasanna said...

great post

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Blogger kiruthika said...

I tested my broadband speed using the @ free of cost.
My speed test result,
8.06Mbps when downloading,
2.86Mbps when uploading.

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Blogger said...

I've never seen this before.. :) Cool.. Thanks for the information.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Shoaib said...

This is great website the Internet Speed Test can also been Performed at

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Blogger victoria said...

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Blogger Vishnu said...

Friends Gives Accurate Results
The Only Site i ever see !

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Blogger Vishnu said...

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Blogger Vishnu said...

href="http://" rel="follow">Broadband Speed Test

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Blogger Vishnu said...

Broadband Speed TEST
Yes i got accurate results

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Blogger Flora Liza Geslani said...

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Blogger jasmin jew said...

informative post.. thanks for sharing ..

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